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What’s Your Number

Nobles, you are not only a member of LuLu Shriners, but you are a partner in LuLu.  As a LuLu partner, you have an obligation to assist in its survival and growth.  Most organizations judge their partners by the business they bring in.  It is imperative that our LuLu partners bring in new members for our survival.

Membership is the life blood of LuLu.  Without it, as you know, it would not grow and may not survive.  The Membership Committee has provided a program to encourage you to bring in new members.  It has been approved by your Divan. The program is called… What’s Your Number? With this program, your LuLu dues may be forgiven for the rest of your life!

If you bring in 25 new *members (starting in 2021), the year after you have achieved this goal, your membership status will change to a Total Life Member and your Shrine dues will be forgiven for the rest of your life!   NO DUES FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

Our experience in other masonic organizations demonstrate that this is an achievable goal. As with any major achievement, to be successful, it takes focus and diligent work.

Before you achieve this goal of 25 new members, there are interim goals and rewards.

Bring in 3 new members in one year, the following year, your dues would be forgiven. 

Bring in 7 new members in one year, the following three years, your dues would be forgiven.

Keep in mind, whenever you bring in one or more members, that number of members are added toward your goal of 25 members.

As a partner in LuLu, we hope and expect that these goals of 3, 7, 25 new members, will give many of you an incentive and challenge.  We all have friends at LuLu. Let’s see, among your friends, who can achieve the highest number of new members.   So… “What’s Your Number?”

 *A new member is a candidate who has provided the Recorder a complete and acceptable Membership Petition; fully paid his initiation fee; and has completed his initiation in a Ceremonial.