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The Shrine sponsors the worlds greatest philanthropy which is the Shrine Hospital System.  It currently includes 22 hospitals for Orthopedic, Burns & Spinal Chord injuries.  All patients are treated free of charge.  The Shepherd Unit is the Shrine interface with the Hospitals. 

Some of our activities include:  

  • Public presentation about the Hospital to Community Groups  
  • Clinics to locate patients for the Hospital  
  • Transportation of patients to Hospital clinics  
  • Encourage volunteer service at the Hospital  
  • Operate a Hospital float in local parades  
  • Bulk mail project to inform the community about the Hospital system 
  • Support the Ambassador Program at the Hospital (Tour Guides)

Membership is open to all Shriners. Meetings start at 7 pm and are held quarterly at LuLu Shrine. 

The work is easy – the rewards are great!