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Stage Crew

Stage Crew & Video Unit

The Stage Crew is the oldest unit at LuLu. This unit was instituted in 1885. We are the group that takes care of the stage, lights, and sound system when we have our ceremonial and at other times when requested to do so. 

In 2022 the LuLu Video Unit merged and still represents the “Nobles with the Photographic Memory.”

We are the group that video tapes any Masonic Function that needs to be videotaped. 

Our group consists of  members who like working in the Mass Media Field. 

We hope we can attract some new candidates to help us man the cameras, direct, produce, write, or just help when the time comes to shoot a show. I would like to say that we are especially looking for Nobles that are good in Graphic Arts, Announcing, Writing, Set Design, and Editing Video Tape. What I’ve listed does not have to be your profession, just that you are interested and would like to be involved is all the Video Unit cares about for you to join.

 Won’t you come out and join us?  We meet as needed under the stage.