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MEETING DAY/TIME: 4th Thursday of the Month, 8 o’clock pm

PLACE: LuLu Shrine 

The Stewards received their Charter from the Illustrious Sir of the year 1886.  We are the second oldest unit in LuLu Shrine.

The duties of our unit are many, mainly preparing and serving food and refreshments at various Shrine functions.  No special gastronomical talents are required for membership.  As with the other units, we are under the direction of our Illustrious Potentate and serve as he directs.

Our unit has won “Unit of the Year” several times and individual members have also won “Noble of the Year”.  Many Potentates have served in our unit on their way to being elected Illustrious Potentate.

Various social affairs are available to our members and their families; such as parades, picnics, circus, rodeo, trips, dances, and parties of all varieties.

DUES: $15/year

We have a uniform, not mandatory.