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Video Unit

Video Unit

The LuLu Video Unit represents the “Nobles with the Photographic Memory.” We are the group that video tapes any Masonic Function that needs to be videotaped. We are exceptionally proud of the events we have taped for Shriners Hospital, LuLu Oasis, Commandry, the Blue Lodge (done live closed circuit) and last but not least, the Rededication of the Valley Forge Arch, at Valley Forge National Park, which I am pleased to say is for sale by the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.

Our group consists of twelve very dedicated members who like working in the Mass Media Field. Because our workload is increasing, and we are taking on larger projects, I hope we can attract some new candidates to help us man the cameras, direct, produce, write, or just help when the time comes to shoot a show. I would like to say that we are especially looking for Nobles that are good in Graphic Arts, Announcing, Writing, Set Design, and Editing Video Tape. What I’ve listed does not have to be your profession, just that you are interested and would like to be involved is all the Video Unit cares about for you to join.

Many of our productions are done just like a video production house would do it. We use multi-camera techniques hooked up to a video switcher feeding into a VCR. If post-production is needed we edit and make graphics. We are capable of providing all video production techniques and formats.

The Video Unit is about to purchase a non-linear editing system, which is state of the art. In the not too distant future we hope to upgrade our camcorders to digital, and purchase some good graphics programs for our use.

Our unit is supported by a lot of the jobs we do, plus $25 yearly dues. Although the work we do is done on a professional scale, our rates are very reasonable compared to the outside, and we are equipped to do any video job from a satellite up link to a wedding.

In closing I hope you consider our unit to join. It is a unit whose workload is on the rise, and a unit that always has the best view when working. It is also the Unit you will want to belong to if you have imagination, an interest in art, music, writing, computer graphics, or video production. Our meeting are held as needed at LuLu in the basement in our editing suite, unless a project forces us to meet at other times and in different locations.