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Yacht Club

Yacht Club

Yacht Club - “The Greatest Yacht Club in the World “

LuLu Shrine Yacht Club, a private fraternal unit, was founded over 80 years ago. The objective of this unit is to encourage the sport of Yachting, Sailing and other Aquatic Sports. To promote safety, courtesy and seamanship on the water, and to further promote good will and fraternal fellowship among its members, other members of LuLu Shrine and all other Shrines of the A.A.O.N.M.S. under the jurisdiction of the Imperial Council.

LuLu Shrine Yacht Club along with its diverse membership has a goal to maintain a very high level of camaraderie, life ethic and fraternal fellowship among its members family.

LuLu Shrine Yacht Club will recognize, for membership, A Noble in good standing in any Shrine under the Imperial Jurisdiction shall be eligible. Possession of a current membership card of such Shrine shall be accepted as sufficient evidence of his good standing.

LuLu Shrine Yacht Club regular meetings shall be held the second Tuesday of each month, the Board of Directors meetings shall be held the fourth Tuesday of each month.